Porsche’s Mid-Engined Le Mans 911 RSR Takes Downforce To Another Level

Porsche's Mid-Engined Le Mans 911 RSR

The standard Porsche 911 is wonderful already, the GT3 RS is even better. But this right here is Porsche’s mid-engined Le Mans 911 RSR and it is on another level.

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Have you ever seen a wing this big before? Forget downforce, the RSR has an aileron pushing it to the ground and a naked rear diffuser that will have other teams begging for their life on the track.

Although the Volkswagen Group might be in the trenches after the Dieselgate, they are pretty much about to dominate the Le Mans with the probable exit of Audi and the insane entry with this 911 RSR. This is the Zuffenhausen inspired version of the Porsche 911 RSR designed to spearhead the worlds most competitive race in history, the 24hrs of Le Mans.


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Porsche pulled all the stops with this gorgeous racer, they stuck to their naturally aspirated engine put placed it in the middle of the car. This came at no surprise with Ford’s GT dominating with its great weight distribution and engine layout, Porsche had to oblige with similar tactics.


The new mid-engine layout ensure overall composure and less tread wear – two main components vital in winning such a long race. The engine is placed just in front of the rear axle and the six-speed sequential gearbox now placed behind the rear axle.

This in theory provides the 911 RSR with better airflow and downforce since the huge rear diffuser gets to channel air properly and the rear wing dosen’t damage the drag coefficient as much.

The naturally aspirated engine is a newly developed direct-injected, 24-valve 4.0 liter flat-six producing a healthy 510-hp relaying on the sanctioning body restrictions.


Porsche also says the new 911 RSR is much safer than before thanks to the placement of the engine. The driver is now positioned farther away from the door with a fixed seat. The car will debut in the 24-hour Daytona on January 28th and is expected to campaign with the two-factory team in all 19 races during 2017.

I absolutely love it, how about you?


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