Police Chase Ends Before It Even Started

Police Chase ends before it even started

This poor police vehicle starts a police chase and before you know it seconds later crashes in a horrible way that ends the chase with a flipped car and a bruised ego. The good thing is everyone was fine and no one was injured.

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Here is the official video released by CNN’s Youtube channel:

This particular patrol vehicle belongs to the Fridley Police department in Minnesota while the police chase took place last Friday when a speeding vehicle crossed the red light blazing by the Ford Explorer patrol unit who then decided to follow the speeding Oldsmobile. Sadly though, a Toyota Camry was coming from the other direction and didn’t have enough time to stop for the red and blue.

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The Ford Explorer patrol unit collided with the civilian Toyota Camry car and then appeared to hit a curb which caused it to rollover and flip. Fox New 9 reported that the speeding Oldsmobile is still on the run and hadn’t been caught yet. Fridley Police department promised that the perpetrator would soon be found and punished for his crimes, although you kinda gotta blame the cop for the last minute decision.

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