Poland’s Supercar: The Hussarya Makes Debut


The original concept for the Hussarya supercar from Poland’s Arrienera got major upgrades since its debut back in 2011. The name keeps reminding us of the Pagani Huayra although it has nothing to do with it, and if you happen to have seen the earlier concept almost 5 years ago you would have thought it was a Lamborghini with a different logo.


Now though, they polished the Hussarya and made something out of it that might attract exotic car buyers around the globe. I most say it still looks like a Lamborghini Huracan to me, but Im not one to compare designs as each car has its own beauty although it might share other concepts.


Now for the beefy details as usual; A 8.2 Liter V8 that puts out 800 horsepowerand 663 pound-feet of torque is what is underneath those rear vents which was an unconventional but respectable decision as all other car makers are going for smaller displacement and turbocharging, some even with electric powertrains.

Lee Noble from British supercar brand Noble also lent a helping hand in the development of the Hussarya’s bespoke chassis made from carbon fiber and kevlar, givving the Hussarya perfect rigidity all while maintaining a very low weight overall. The car will do a 0-60 mph time of just 3.2 seconds and a quarter mile time of 11 seconds while reaching a top speed of 211 mph which isn’t all that impressive compared to the competition.

Prices start from 160,000 euro or $169,115 of they happen to go on sale, but the company has confirmed that there will be 33 special edition cars for the special launch that get a bit more luxury planted through out the interior.

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