Photos: LaFerrari Crashed by 27-year-old Qin Fen

The Ferrari LaFerrari is a special car indeed, exotic by nature and infused with electric power just like the Porsche 918 and McLaren P1 all of which are cars that produce horsepower figures beyond the 900 mark. Needless to say, the LaFerrari is one of the finest examples of Italian hypercars out there.

There was a case of a LaFerari crash back in July last year in Monaco but it wasn’t nearly as bad as the one you see here in the photos. Courtesy of wreckedExotics we got these shots of the crash that accured in China on Thursday. At the wheel, 27 year old Qin Fen – chairman of Shanghai Feirong Investment Co. The accident took place when he couldn’t control the car on the wet pavement which rendered the car onto a nearby wall.



Don’t worry about him though, this dud owns a Koenigsegg and a Mclaren P1 amongst many other supercars which means he can afford to wreck a LaFerrari every now and then.


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