Why Petrol Heads Will Be Extinct in 10 years and How We Can Stop That


As sad as this title is, it is unfortunately the awful horrid and real truth.. But don’t despair because their might be something we can do about it.

Let me go on by explaining why Petrol Heads Will Be Extinct in 10 years: The facts are we can’t afford to keep using petrol to fuel our cars as that might cause our wonderful environment to depreciate, but at the same time we are in love with petrol engines, Electric on the other hand..Meh, not so much.

By now you might be wondering how we can stop or fix the current catastrophic approach that will render petrol heads useless, and by that I mean people like me and you who love cars that make noise! Well, the answer might be a bit contradicting but it is the most logical explanation.

We can stop the current drift of electric cars by embracing them with loving arms, every body told Ugly Betty she was Ugly but no one actually embraced her and thus made her an acceptable part of society full of good looking betties. That way she doesn’t feel like she needs to destroy every beautiful girl out there to make a point, and by “Ugly Betty” – I mean the electric car.

We can simply benefit from the insane torque anelectric car provides by using hybrid technology, yes similar to that seen on the Porsche 918, the Ferrari LaFerrai and the McLaren P1. Added mileage and some extra power, who doesn’t like that? The Porsche 918 is paving the way to creating a future full of hybrid technology and performance enhanced petrol engines.


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