Pepper the first robot that can interact with Us


Did you watch IRobot starring Will Smith? If not, the plot is basically about Robots being used as helpers with everything replacing humans repetitive tasks and interacting with them.

Pepper is the name of that Robot, which was created by Aldebaran, the first humanoid robot designed to live with humans. But the downside is, he isn’t IRobotish per say, he does not cook, clean or have super powers. Pepper is a social robot that does more of the talking, and interaction side of humanoid technology. He can read your emotions, move and live autonomously.


Pepper Creators say that he much more than a robot, he could be a companion that can communicate with you when you are lonely through voice, touch and emotions. But to make Pepper different, the creators worked on giving him special abilities, so if you start hysterically laughing he can tell and if you start crying, he will know that he needs to offer compassion. Trulye revolutionary!

Pepper can translate what state you are in using his knowledge of universal emotions (joy, surprise, anger, doubt and sadness) and his ability to analyze your facial expression, body language and the words you use. He will guess your mood, and will even adapt to it. For example, he will try to cheer you up by playing your favorite song!

Pepper also can express emotions, and this is what makes him so cute! We can say he has a real personality conveyed by his body language, his funny gestures and his voice.

This home robot loves to talk and interact too, he is very curious and wants to know and learn about humans as much as he can. Which gives him the ability to self improve and adapt to humans as well. Pepper can also recognize us and remember us and our names. You will surprised by his capability to learn and improve himself,

Our goal at Aldebaran is to create robots for the well being of humans, kind robots living with humans as a new artificial species. In order to realise this dream, it’s not enough to simply have Pepper working at SoftBank stores. The ultimate goal is for Pepper to live with humans, the stores are just the beginning…

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