Pennzoil Gives Us One Last Farewell for the Dodge Viper ACR

The time has come and the Dodge Viper is about to seize production due to dwindling sales, but the legend remains worthy of one last Pennzoil commercial.

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To honor the last Viper; the guys at Pennzoil hooked the public up with one of their best commercials yet in an effort to pay tribute to the American V10 legend. They call it the V8 eater, rightfully so.

The short clip was titled “the last Viper” and it follows the story of the last production Dodge Viper ACR as it’s stolen from the owner and kept in a shipping yard.

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The owner then enlist the help of a talented driver to get it back. With stunning cinematography and a delightful music score, the short clip manages to get every fan excited and begging for more. We’d like to see this sort of direction being taken on future car films like the Fast and the Furious, rather than what they have become.

After returning the Viper to its rightful owner, there is a slight easter egg that hints at another Dodge commercial but featured the Hellcat Demon this time.


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