Would You Pay $60,000 for the Fastest Electric Go kart Ever?

Fastest Electric Go kart Ever

When you hear the words Go-Kart and fastest, you usually never associate the two together. This however is the fastest electric go kart ever, dubbed the C5 Go-Kart.

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What’s so special about this C5 Go-Kart? The creators say it can go from 0 to 60 mph in just 1.5 seconds. A similar record was attained by a bigger Go-Kartish kind of thing called the Grimsel which is also an EV.

The thing is; the Grimsel uses four wheel hub-mounted electric motors to launch itself from 0-62 mph in 1.513 seconds. The C5 Go-Kart literally blows itself using a cluster of EDFs to propel forward.

EDF stands for “electric ducted fan” it works similar to an airplane propeller using sped up air to thrust the go-kart forward. The Kart can create almost 100kg of thrust directly downwards which translates to 100kg of lift during full throttle.

Daymak’s president, Aldo Baiocchi, has said that “we could actually make it lighter and faster and at some point the go-kart would start floating like the Star Wars land speeder or we could add wings and it would fly. Speed will not be an issue and we think we can even go, eventually, under one second 0 to 60, making it faster then any vehicle in existence.”

The price tag is where it gets all interesting, $60,000 or £47,000 is expected for the fastest electric go kart ever – a lot of money for pretty much nothing. I’d rather buy a Toyota Prius.

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