Paris Motorshow 2014: Infiniti Q80 Inspiration


Take a good hard look at Infiniti’s latest releases: The Infiniti Q50 Eau Rouge , the Infiniti Q50 and the Infiniti Q70s and you will notice the new design direction that is all organic lines mixed with sharp shapes.

The Infiniti Q80 resembles the ultimate fastback sedan (as opposed to the somewhat ugly Audi S7 fastback) The Infiniti Q80 flagship sedan is very reminiscent of the Infiniti Essence hybrid concept released back in Geneva’s 2009 Autoshow, that looked out of this world. With crazy outlandish models pouring in from Japanese fierce contender Lexus, Infiniti is forced to step up their game..Very quickly, as Lexus pushes most of their high end model during this year. The Q80 concept will be brought to live by Infiniti’s new boss, former BMW executive Roland Krüger if it were to be approved for production.


Infiniti was keen on releasing the concept images of their premium saloon category, the Infiniti Q80 is here to set the footsteps for all of the future Infiniti models. The Q80 is quite the unique saloon, with a 4 door fastback styling that measures in at 16.7ft in length and 6.5ft in width.

The exterior styling of the Q80 is inspired by organic shapes infused with sharp hard lines that result in the awe factor and it does wonders at achieving that. I am not necessarily a fan of futuristic hybrid cars, but Infinity is.. Since they stated that the future of Infinity is heading towards green hybrid and electric drivetrains.

The engine that powers the Q80 Inspiration is a Twin Turbocharged 3.0 litre V6  combined with a hybrid electric motor. This hybrid mix will also mark the future of Infiniti’s drivetrain options since it will be able to achieve a fuel economy rating of just 5.5 Litres/100km. The Q80 Inspiration

Infiniti flexed its tech muscles by introducing a set of technological advances that come by way of cameras and sensors all around the car that helps alert the driver via heads up display of possible actions in traffic and highway speeds. Oh, and the rear has two separate seats, you’d better get used to seeing that since most car Manufacturers are doing that.


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