Paris Motorshow 2014: Volkswagen XL1 Sport

This ladies and gentlemen is the fastest 2 cylinder car in the world, and that is all thanks to Ducatis’ 1199 Superleggera superbike’s 1199cc V2 engine (the fastest two-cylinder motorbike in the world). What is the catch here? It won’t be built… Well thank you Volkswagen for teasing us.


The Volkswagen XL1 Sport  is based on the XL1 and was unveiled at the 2014 Paris Auto Show  and looked like a supercar that had sportscar performance figures, weighing only 891 kilograms only!! The high performance v2 engine with 200hp and 135NM of torque in the back moves the highly aerodynamic body of the Volkswagen XL1 Sport (0.6) which is 25% more aerodynamic than any other sportscar out there, thus making it able to achieve 0-62mph in 5.7 seconds and able to achieve 270kph top speed thanks to its smooth 7speed DSG gearbox – all of which are applaudable figures for a 2 cylinder engine!

This concept car was joint project with sister companies Ducati and Lamborghini which are both owned by Volkswagen group. It may have dawned upon you that the Volkswagen XL1 Sport is not meant to be fuel efficient as opposed to it’s base car the XL1, it focuses on driving dynamics by making the body wider and lower. The Volkswagen XL1 Sport will also have air cushions in the front to help channel cool air to the wheels and ceramic brake discs, it also has wing doors and a spoiler system taken from the Lamborghini Aventador.

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