Only 3,000 2018 BMW M4 CS Models Will Be Made

2018 BMW M4 CS Featured

The BMW M4 doesn’t lack much in stock form for the average user, but an extra bit of special goes a long way in terms of squeezing out every bit of performance glamour. Wearing the CS badge is just icing on the cake for anyone who couldn’t afford the GTS.

The 2018 BMW M4 CS churns out 454-hp and promises to be the second fastest production BMW on the Nürburgring with a 7:38 lap time, 10 seconds slower than the track-tuned M4 GTS which costs a lot and is barely bearable on the road.

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Why did BMW produce such a car you may ask? Well, to fill a void in the market to be more specific. They wanted to add something between the Competition Package M4 and the hardcore water-injected M4 GTS.

Peter Quintus, Vice President for Sales and Marketing at BMW M said the “The M4 CS slots in perfectly above the Competition and anyone who missed out on the GTS will want this car.” since only 700 M4 GTS units were produced and bought.

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To tackle the increasing demands for performance, BMW M customers expect different levels of performance that can compete with AMG S models, thus BMW obliged by producing an even more potent version of the competition package.

Quints added; “Customers want a variety of different M models,” he hinted at the price bracket vaguely “The [base] BMW M4 is an attractive proposition price wise, the Competition appeals to buyers wanting a bit more power and aggression, and the GTS is geared towards a niche audience of track day enthusiasts.

The BMW M4 CS will cost at least 116,900 euros and only 300 units will be shipped to Germany.

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