Oil Change with Castrol Synthetic MAGNATEC Technology

Castrol Synthetic Engine Oil

So it’s this time of the year where you have to get your cars engine oil changed, and it is something many people overlook so we decided to review the new Castrol Synthetic MAGNATEC Technology oil.

To be honest with you, I was one to take these things for granted.. Up until I found out how much difference it made to my car once I got it changed with a good Oil. So let’s start by the first oil we used back in 2011 and compare the results since then after experimenting with 4 different Oil brands during a 10,000 Km span in between each oil change.. So 40,000 Km in total.

Car: Volkswagen R36


1. Castrol Edge – 7/10

This was our first oil change after purchasing the car, and to be honest we did not notice any difference what so ever. We got this done at a lube station in Dubai, and it was all good and nothing out of the ordinary really.

1st Change for 10,000 Km and 2nd change for 20,000 Km


2. Olympus – 3/10

This is a German Oil brand, and I decided to give it a try for the sake of experimenting. Impressions? I immediately noticed the car wasn’t as smooth and started juddering in the begging but that soon went away so I disregarded the possibility of the oil having to do anything with it since the car has been sitting there for a week un-driven.

During the span of these 10,000 Km the car felt under-powered and the engine wasn’t as smooth as it used to be, the car would also take much longer to warm up during cold starts and would judder every once in a while.

I would definitely not recommend this Oil, the car started showing that the oil level was low at 8,000 km after the service took place.

3d change for 30,000 Km


3. Castrol Synthetic MAGNATEC Technology  – 9/10

We decided to go back to Castrol, since it doesn’t even cost any more than generic brands around here in Dubai. We noticed how smoothly the engine ran after we started the car and drove for a bit. Out of the three this has to be the best option out there. Until then, follow this article for out next oil change. Apperantly this oil is going to protect the pistons and provide for longer engine life because it has magnatec properties that cling with dirt molecules to prevent damage to the pistons. Up to 75% engine wear happens during start up and warming the car up, which gets us to believe the juddering issue we had before during cold start-ups was oil related since we didn’t experience any issues with the Castrol Magnatec oil.

During that time, the engine oil will not be at optimum operating temperature, and conventional anti-wear technology will not be active. So by using the Magnatec intelligent molecules that cling to each other protecting everything in between them.

4th Change for 40,000 Km 


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