Official: Audi Confirms R8 E-Tron and R8 LMS Racecar


We weren’t all that crazy about the new Audi R8 since we got those photo leaks from Audi’s factory, and now that we see it without the sheets. We are still not impressed, it feels as if though the R8 lost its organic super car-ish looks in favor of complying with Audi’s new design language, seriously.. If I wanted a stretched 2016 Audi TT, I would have ordered one.

Want a Bravado Banshee from GTA V? One is up for sale, and it has Dodge Viper Twin Turbo engine.

One of the greatest things about the first generation Audi R8 was its organic flow of lines, and its understated looks got it to somehow sniff the supercar club. But now, it seems that things are about to change with the second generation Audi R8 – but until we see it in realtime we cannot fully judge the extent of damage. 2016-audi-r8_100502197_l

Back to formalities, the new R8 has been confirmed to get an E-Tron version powered by batteries, and an LMS race only version that is the second generation R8 LMS that competes in the GT3-Spec competitions. The E-Tron R8 is going to be the first ever electric car from the German 4 ringer, and we hope it is half as good as they are advertising it to be.


Second Generation Audi R8 LMS



Audi R8 LMS

The Audi R8 E-Tron will get a T-shaped lithium-ion battery (Thanks to tesla’s inspiration) structurally integrated behind the occupant cell and into the center tunnel. The battery has about 92-kWh capacity which should get you about 280 miles of driving range, while it can be full charged in two hours tops. But you may be saying to yourself, a battery means more weight? You’r right, Audi went ahead and used more carbon fiber in the construction of the 2016 Audi R8 E-Tron to offset some of that added fluff.

The e-tron fails to perform interesting numbers with 0-62 mph time 3.9 seconds and a top speed of 155 mph with the availability of targeted torque vectoring. Tesla Model S anyone?

On to the second generation 2016 Audi R8 LMS, which shares around 50% of it’s part with the standard Audi R8 version which also means it gets that V-10 engine upped from a displacement of 5.0 Liters to 5.2 liters to produce 585 hp all delivered via rear wheels, weighing in at about 2,700 lbs thanks to it’s heavily focused carbon fiber construction. 2016-audi-r8-interior


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