Not your average Toyota Camry – Sleeper 850hp

This ladies and gentlemen is Toyota’s idea of a sick real joke, they gave one of their sleepiest looking most selling sedans a v8 engine from a Toyota Tundra a blower and a roll cage, and kept everything outside to make it look like a standard 2015 Toyota Camry. Just imagine yourself in a Chevrolet ZR1 and you find yourself losing to a Toyota Camry – Yes – funny, appearance Toyota doesn’t think so.

Toyota did this stunt at the 2014 SEMA show for obvious reasons like boosting sales and exposure for their new 2015 Toyota Camry. Let us dig in to what makes this ordinary looking Camry on the outside a special sleeper on the inside. Lift up the flip-top cars body and you will find a full tube frame chassis that hold a supercharged 5.7 Liter V8 engine that produces 850hp. Yes, the same engine, transmission and rear axle found in the new Toyota Tundra pickup

One might be able to tell this car is a sleeper by the only indication available on the outside, and that would be the large sized rubber on the rear wheels with DOT-approved 335/30/18 drag racing tires that help this sleeper Camry to achieve a quarter mile time in 9.80 seconds.

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