NO Top Gear this week: Jeremy Clarkson punches producer and gets fired


Jeremy Clarkson made headlights yesterday when news broke off that he was suspended from BBC’s Top Gear, which is and always was all about Jezza “Jeremy Clarkson”.

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The thing is, BBC knows the Jeremy isn’t your usual calm soul and he always gets in trouble with the producers but this time it escalated after a racist comment which ended up in a punch from Clarkson, wonder if it was an uppercut?

Jeremy clarkson

So, what does this mean? the last three episodes of the infamous Top Gear show’s 22nd installment will be pulled from the air sadly. Even Jeremy and his mates Richard Hammond and James M. are poking fun at people on twitter saying that they should watch certain films instead of Top Gear during the show times.

Jeremy Clarkson

A new hash-tag is trending #Bringbackclarkson and BBC is not giving up, with a previous warning given to Clarkson. They made sure the suspension is final, the word “fracas” was involved. All we know is, we will miss the Stig.



*Update (March 12 – 2015): Jeremy Clarkson is very upset with BBC’s decision to suspend him, and he is calling it quits. No more. Done. Yea, Jezza is sure he wants nothing to do with BBC and Top Gear.

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