The Nio EP9 Super-EV Tips The Scales in Favor Of EV’s with 1,360-hp

Nio EP9 Super-EV

NextEV is the Chinese-backed electric company responsible for this outrageous concept dubbed the Nio EP9 Super-EV. But what you probably wouldn’t expect is that the Nio EP9 packs a super powerful punch in the form of 1,360-bhp.

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The Nio EP9 is an all-wheel drive super-EV with two seats and four-electric motors and gearboxes developed with NextEV’s electric Formula team. This makes total power output equal to one megawatt and enables the EP9 to hit 0-62mph in just 2.7 seconds. And unlike traditional electric cars that tend to lose juice after initial acceleration, the Nio EP9 can accelerate all the way to 194mph.

I guess we have established that the Nio EP9 is no ordinary Super-EV. The company claims they registered a Nürburgring lap time in just 7min 5.12sec which isn’t very impressive but still good enough to be faster than the GT-R Nismo edition. It’s also 8 seconds slower than a 918 Spyder although it has much more power.

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Nio EP9 Super-EV road


NextEV also claims that the EP9 can produce 2.53g in lateral cornering and 3.3G longitudinal under braking. Very impressive if true. They also say that the down-force produced by the car is equal to that of an F1 car – rated at 24,000 Newtons @149mph.

The Nio EP9 weighs in at 1735kg which means it’s pretty heavy with two water-cooled Lithium-ion batteries on board. Another impressive feature is the ability to fully charge the batteries in 45 minutes and squeeze 265-miles of range out of them.

Nio EP9 Super-EV interior

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William Li, founder and chairman of NextEV mentioned that “The automotive industry is on the cusp of profound change,” he also added; “In the next decade, the car will be the smartest device that people will own and we want to bring the mobile internet experience to the vehicle.”

Nio EP9 Super-EV front teaser

“Nio is a brand that will exhilarate and delight. It will revolutionize the experience of car ownership for its users, redefining what it means to offer a premium service and product.”

Want one? NextEV is offering only six units to provide exclusivity to owners after the official lunch to the public in China during 2017.

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