NIO EP9 Breaks Nürburgring Record with 6:45

The electric Chinese supercar dubbed the NIO EP9 with 1,341 hp has recently broken the Nürburgring lap record just months after Lamborghini annihilated the record with their new Huracane performante with a 6:52 lap time.

As one would expect; with such power, comes plenty of traction requirements and the NIO EP9 had to have some rather fancy suspension work and barely legal tires fitted to it, in addition to a roll cage for safety.

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The electric supercar was able to clock in an exact time of 6 minutes and 45.9 seconds as shown in the on-board footage provided by NIO – making it the fastest electric car around the Nordschleife; being 6 seconds quicker than the Performante and two seconds quicker than the Radical SR8 LM.

Purchasing the 1,341bhp NIO EP9 will run you about £1.4million, $1.8million or Aed 6.63 Million. It isn’t cheap but it can top out at 194mph and that’s pretty decent for an electric car.

What’s your take on the record? We know Lamborghini isn’t too happy since they were basking in all the glory and headlines just mere months before Nio decided it was time to crash the party.

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