Nico Rosberg: Fernando Alonso Can’t Win, What’s Next for Alonso?

Fernando Alonso Cant win says Nico, McLaren Honda is not ready

With recent downfall of McLaren’s Honda engine during this stage, Nico Rosberg – Former Mercedes F1 driver chips in with his opinion on the situation, explaining why it’s nearly impossible for Fernando Alonso to win.

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When asked about the current dire situation of the McLaren F1 car and what he expects out of this F1 Season, Fernando Alonso responded; “Well, i think let’s wait and see.. We have only done the testing period, so the first race now will make things clear because it’s a question mark for us regarding where we exactly are.”

He goes on about the fact that it’s too early to judge “Because we were not able to push the car to anywhere close to the limit at any lap on testing due to two different problems, so let’s see if we can have a good start and see more of the potential of the car and hopefully to see where we are. But it’s still a long way to go for us and we have still a lot of work left to do.”

The McLaren F1 team is working on a rescue plan to fix the current issue, trying to identify the problems and improve upon those areas. It’s been really tough during the last three weeks of testing, but McLaren isn’t giving up yet.

Fernando clearly blames Honda for the bad engine, and he thinks he’s the best driver out there as he says. He just needs a better engine that can compete on the straights.

When asked earlier during the 2017 Australia GP press conference about what he would like to see; Fernando Jokingly said he would love to see more equal engines for everyone. Hamilton jokingly disagrees, they all know Fernando is the most talented driver on the paddock.

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