2014 Paris

The 2014 Paris Motor Show finally started and we are delighted to have you here, please follow this page for daily updates and the latest news, videos and pictures.

The 2014 Paris Auto Show #MONDIALAUTO starts 4 and ends on the 19th October.

Paris Auto Show is an event that began 1898 to showcase car manufacturers latest releases, the last event was held in 2010 and featured cars like the Lamborghini Sesto Elemento and the Jaguar CX-75.We will be bringing you the latest and greatest news, since the Mondial De l’Automobile hals will be full of lavish stands that host new production and concept cars which are released by different manufacturers.

Paris Motorshow 2014: Volkswagen XL1 Sport

This ladies and gentlemen is the fastest 2 cylinder car in the world, and that is all thanks to Ducatis’ 1199 Superleggera superbike’s 1199cc V2 engine (the fastest two-cylinder motorbike in the world). What is the catch here? It won’t be built… Well thank you Volkswagen for teasing us. The Volkswagen XL1 Sport … Continue reading