News: Dodge Viper Seizes, Tesla Software Update and Porsche 911 R

This is the news scoop Sundays.

Porsche 911 R

The Porsche 911 enthusiasts were pretty ticked off that there was no manual option that came with the incredible PDK transmission and thus Porsche is rumored to releases the internally named Porsche 911 R with the 469bhp 3.8-litre naturally aspirated flat-six and a manual transmission with some goodies. 600 cars are said to be made costing well over £100,000 since that would be the normal asking price of the GT3.


With the recent news of Mitsubishi no longer producing the Lancer Evolution which was a complete shocker seeing how successful the Evolution was, but Mitsubishi is planning to replace the EVO with a hybrid model. Speaking of cars that are going out of production, the Dodge Viper is about to see the last glimpse of light as Dodge is about to pull the curtain on the snake which is about to hiss its final breath. This came at no surprise since the Dodge Viper wasn’t selling that well even after Dodge reduced the price, thus making it a no brainier for them to close the Viper lineup.


Tesla also released an update that further increases the autonomous features of the Tesla Model S that adds more auto-pilot goodies. The new Autopilot 7.0 software update plans to map the world essentially allowing the Tesla Model S to drive by its self on real roads with real humans around.


Speaking of electric cars, the Nissan GT-R Gran Turismo vision is an all-electric version of the new GT-R, sort of like a super version of the already super-car that would have an electric power-train only while the new GT-R R36 is expected to feature a hybrid solution to eliminate all other super-cars. Nothing is clear yet, but rumors are circulating and we thought you should know.

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