The all new GTR Sedan.. The Infiniti Q50 Eau Rouge

Recognize this engine from somewhere? Before reading this, you might be interested in learning more about the standard 2014 Infiniti Q50 that was the base for this beast.

Yes, this aint no joke. Infiniti did what every GTR fanboy with a family ever wished for, they dropped that insane R35 twin turbo colossal engine in an Infiniti luxury sedan and called it the Q50 Eau Rogue.

Power figures are expected to be over 500hp and 600 ft-lb of torque, and we were really glad to see this project go in the form of an Infiniti, rather than a Nissan Sedan. Let’s face it, nothing cuts the cake from the Nissan line up.

Now although this is a concept car, we most likely see this happening because Infiniti has it’s eye on Dodges recently acquired fastest Sedan title, which they snatched from Porsche’s top spec Panamera.

While this may be happening all too fast, car companies know that this is the time to act swiftly and keep yourself relevant in an all too saturated market that changes by the minute.

We are not digging the Interior at all, Infiniti did wonders on the exterior and decided to call it a day with a standard looking interior which marks it down a point in our rating.

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