The New Dodge Challenger SRT Demon Is Lighter But Meaner Than ever

Challenger SRT Demon

Dodge has just awakened the souls of the demon to reincarnate the moniker in none other than the Challenger SRT Demon edition. The recipe for this evil spirit? A lighter hellcat with more power.

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Dodge says the Challenger SRT Demon is packing more power than the already monstrous 707-hp Hellcat, it’s also 200 pounds (91kg) lighter than the not so domestic Hellcat. The recipe of tire shredding just got a little better.

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Although I’m a fan of big power, i also love a car than can handle all that power and we all knew the Hellcat was good for one thing only – and that was a straight line. The Dodge Challenger SRT Demon plans on fixing that with an upgraded suspension, better brakes and steering improvements. Maybe even AWD. Enjoy this corny film by Dodge, full of bad acting and horrible CGI, could have done with a dim-lit shot of the car.

There have been rumors surfacing around the web which claim that Vin Diesel has already revealed the new Demon via his Facebook page by mistake during a post he did earlier, to thank the cast and members of the Fast8 movie.

Besides that, expect to see the new Challenger SRT Demon in the 2017 New York International Auto Show this April, and until then you can head on to the official website for the countdown incase you really got an itch in your pocket.

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