The New 2018 BMW M5 with M Performance Parts

2018 BMW M5

The all new 2018 BMW M5 is quite the capable performance machine equipped with enough power to make most other performance sedans quiver at the sight. Well, now you get the M Performance Parts and things are about to get even more feisty.

You might think the M Performance Parts are just for show, but they’re going to give you a lot of edge over the standard M5. The M Performance Parts consist of Visual upgrades, Aerodynamic and performance increasing parts.

The 2018 BMW M5 equipped with the M performance Parts receive aero upgrades that comprise of a new front splitter, carbon fiber rear spoiler, side sill attachments and a rear diffuser. Then you get M Performance Wing mirror caps and a new Kidney Grille trim surround piece.

Besides aero improvements, BMW’s M division designed a special set of coilovers for the M5 that help improve handling in addition to adjustable spring plates and fancy red coil springs. To help control all that power, the M5 receives a costly set of carbon ceramic brakes.

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To opt your 2018 BMW M5 with the M Performance parts in Canada or the United States, you will also receive M Performance Sports exhaust system which incorporates a titanium rear muffler with carbon fiber tailpipe trim.

The exhaust complements the already aggressive tone of the 4.4-liter twin-turbo V8 engine and reduces counter pressure and improves performance.

Then there is the M Performance Drive Analyzer which was specifically developed for the 2018 BMW M5 to give stats on the vehicle dynamics, performance metrics and syncable info to your smartphone. Other things like a new key wallet, carbon fiber shift paddles and M Performance floor mats make the M5 even more distinct.

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