The New 2017 Toyota Yaris Feels Just Like Home


This is the all new 2017 Toyota Yaris sedan and it just got a whole lot better. The new sedan now comes with added comfort, attractive prices and three choices of models. But let’s find out what makes this Yaris an all time winner in such a competitive segment.

Toyota produces some of the most durable cars on the market today, and the Yaris has cemented its place in the economy family segment with an outstanding record of durability and reliability. But there’s more to the 2017 Toyota Yaris than you think, with Toyota pushing the comfort and quality package a step further.

2017 Toyota Yaris Cabin
A spacious cabin nourished with premium quality materials top the list. It’s also handsome thanks to the dynamic and well proportioned body that does not compromise on the fun factor when it comes to design language.


On the inside, you will find that the horizontal dash design is easy on the eye and presents an ergonomic cabin layout that helps you find all the controls you need at ease. You’re going to be spending a long time in your car after all, and having a visually comfortable cabin design is a necessity.

The new Yaris is equipped with a four-cylinder 1.3-liter engine that produces 84-hp and mated to a First-in-class Multi-Drive 7-Speed Sequential Transmission with “shiftmatic” mode for quicker shift response and less shift-shock. You can also opt for the 5-speed manual with prices starting at just 45,800.

Key Features:

Toyota added three new key features to the 2017 Toyota Yaris – The car is now more powerful, has better fuel efficiency and more agility.

To showcase its youthful spirit and display these features, Toyota collaborated with one of the most influential social media personalities “iFahad600” in order to create several entertaining videos that show us the human side of the new Yaris. The story focuses on Fahad and his friends as they play pranks on each other and mainly enjoy their time during the trip.


What’s the buzz all about?

The video clips take us through several scenarios and how the Yaris handles them with ease. The first being the “Long Road” scenario – Fahad is being pranked by his friend during a road trip where they fill his petrol tank with half a tank instead of full and he turns the tables on them by reaching to his destination first and providing them with the wrong directions.

The second scenario “Jalsa” is all about the car’s agility. Fahad’s friends make fun of him because of his slow driving style, only Fahad has other plans as he finds a driving course set-up and starts to display the car’s abilities and agility on track.

The third and final  scenario “Heavy Weights” – Fahad is being pranked by his friends who purposely fill his car with heavy weights to fool him, only to realize the 2017 Yaris takes the extra weight with ease. Fahad however catches on to the prank, stops the car and lets his friends lift the weights before he allows them to get back into the vehicle.


The new Yaris is now much more comfortable than before with reduced road-sound levels, better ride quality and improved fuel-efficiency by up to 11%. This makes it one of most valuable and lowest-cost to operate cars in the segment.

Saud Abbasi, Managing Director of Toyota at Al-Futtaim Motors says that: “These new features make the new Yaris an even more attractive proposition, building on the Quality, Durability and Reliability that Toyota is famous for. More so, they get a car that’s styled from the ground up to stand out from the crowd, offering the best bang for their buck, the best residual value and one of the lowest Total Cost of Ownership in the segment,”

Opt for the fully optioned 2017 Toyota Yaris YX 1.3L model and you can get all standard specifications plus power slide view mirrors, body colored power folding mirrors, 6 speakers, 4-rear parking sensors, 15-inch alloy wheels, trunk liner and a safety pack. The YX model costs 54,200.

Although it doesn’t pack as much power as you would expect, the 2017 Toyota Yaris offers class-leading fuel economy and the chassis is well-sorted out for a fun drive when you want to push the car. With all the added comfort features and improved ride quality, it will feel like you’re in the comfort of your own home.



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