More Dodge Challenger Demon Goodness, Sound Clip Teased and More

Dodge Challenger Demon

The guys at Dodge have been teasing the Dodge Challenger Demon for some time now, months to be specific. The car that has become the talk of the internet is supposed to be an extreme raw version of the 707-hp rear-wheel-drive Hellcat.

From the looks of it, the Demon is going to include much wider drag radial tires, a wider body and a free flow exhaust with an optional race fuel button. That’s all been revealed in previous teasers of the Dodge Challenger Demon.

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The new teaser suggests a couple of things but doesn’t give away any clear indication if those speculations are true or not. First off, you hear the supercharger whine active during launch control – an all new torque reverse launch system that increases supercharger revs without the torque overwhelming the brakes and spinning the rears.

The system then closes the bypass valve in the supercharger (prefilling it), allowing fuel to flow to the selected cylinder causing a change in exhaust note due to the change in spark timing. In English, it launches the car faster and without any wheelspin drama.

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This isn’t something new, drag racing professionals have been doing this trick for a while now. It is the first time to be used in a production road car, and the Dodge Challenger Demon might be it.

The Demon also includes the world’s largest production functional hood scoop, Mechanical/electronic drag-race-specific suspension tune, a large airbox, street drag radials and two Air Catcher headlights. The Hellcat owners might be quaking in their boots right now.

Another hint revealed in the video were the numbers on the plate: 3.9+221=405 can you speculate what they mean? I’m sure it isn’t the 0-60mph time because we’re expecting a low 3 second time and a much higher trap speed that the hellcat and those numbers just don’t add up.

Fret not though, the Demon is set to make a public unveiling next month during the 2017 New York Auto Show where you will get all the specs and information.

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