Dubai: Ministry of Economy Forces Dealerships to Switch Service Intervals

Servicing Intervals changed in Dubai

Great news, the Ministry of Economy just gave everyone a sigh of relief by forcing the dealerships to switch service intervals!

What that means is; Dealerships would usually have you come back to get your car serviced after just 5,000km – Now the minimum is 10,000km which means almost all dealerships would have to switch there intervals to accommodate the new rule by the end of 2015 since the ruling has been issued in September.

A spokesmen from Al Futtaim Motors said : “We have moved from 5,000km to 10,000km service intervals, a move that was very well received by our customers and is in fact a testament to our ability to continually adapt our offering to the market’s needs.”

This move by the Ministry of Economy in Dubai is targeted towards saving consumers from extra unnecessary costs, estimated to be a 15% saving on the consumers part. Most Asian car manufacturers were using the 5,000 km service rule including the giant Japanese and Korean car manufacturers which ussualy costs between 200-400 dhs.



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