Mercedes Displays Modular Platform for Electric Cars


As the trend goes, Mercedes decided to follow suit with the inevitable electric car future by creating a dedicated modular platform to server for their electrical cars in the future.

The modular platform was revealed at a tech briefing that took place in Mercedes’s headquarter in Stuttgart, Germany. It is most likely that Mercedes will be displaying a concept that uses the electric platform during the 2016 Paris Auto Show in September, while you may expect production cars to be seen on the road by 2020.

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The platform was dubbed “multi-model vehicle architecture” which means it can be used by different types of cars, ranging from a sedan to a full size SUV. The modular platform is traditional in it’s design with a flat battery sitting dead in the middle and electric motors placed at either axle depending on the model used. So two motors placed at each axle can be used for all-wheel-drive.


Intelligent Aerodynamic Automobile concept

This right here is the amazing Intelligent Aerodynamic Automobile concept previewed by Mercedes-Benz during the 2015 Frankfurt Autoshow, and rumors are Mercedes is planning to release it’s first all electric next generation EV in the form of a sporty sedan (fingers crossed) it looks anything like this concept. It’s also going to be extremely fast, seeing how Tesla’s model S is not short on acceleration, the new Mercedes-Benz electric sporty sedan should be even faster since it will take its time being thoroughly developed come 2020.

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Mercedes also says they want to produce their own batteries in cooperation with partner Daimler subsidiary Deutsche Accumotive, which already offers home energy storage for some markets in hopes of expanding its factory to enable the accommodation of electric cars.


The company decided it was best to go with lithium-ion batteries in the beginning as they said it could offer an attractive 300 miles per charge range until they improve them or replace them with newer technology. The batteries are going to be charged using a high-voltage DC charging system like you would see in Tesla models.

Mercedes-Benz Vision G-Code: Das Showcar wurde vom Lifestyle und den digitalen Kulturen der zeitgenössischen chinesischen Gesellschaft inspiriert. Mercedes-Benz Vision G-Code: A sporty crossover show car, inspired by the lifestyles and digital cultures of contemporary Chinese society.

Don’t forget that Mercedes is by no means new to electric technology as they have already been offering them for years with the Electric Drive line up used for the B-Class, the Smart ForTwo and the SLS AMG. But now with their new electric modular platform they are targeting high-volume sales and easily changeable body types on one single platform.

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