Mercedes-Benz Reveals All-Electric Urban eTruck Set For Paris


Just days before the 2016 Paris Motor Show goes off, Mercedes-Benz reveals its all electric Urban eTruck.

Electric trucks and heavy machinery to me are the most important part of automotive transportation that should be shifted to electric instead of normal cars which can wait for now. The Urban eTruck will be powered solely by electricity via a high-speed asynchronous three-phase electric motor on each side of the truck. Both motors deliver 250 KW (338-hp) and 1,000 NM (737 lb-ft) of torque which is the most important part.

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The Urban eTruck packs three individual lithium-ion batteries that output a total capacity of 212 kWh which enables the truck to travel up to 200 km (124 miles) on one single charge. To aid the batteries, a braking regenerative system will be placed to increase battery life and use wasted energy in braking such heavy vehicles.

The Urban eTruck is designed in such a way that enables the customer to choose between installing a smaller battery pack if they require shorter range travels, or even add an additional battery to increase the standard range if they are looking for longer distances than 124 miles.


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It’s not just an electric truck. It’s the smartest truck you will find on the road today, with Mercedes-Benz’s increased efforts that focus on technology and advance integration methods, truck drivers will feel like they’ve moved 50 years ahead. The cabin of the Urban eTruck features a central 12.3 inch display that includes all vital information regarding the vehicle in addition to navigation services with 3 dimensional maps. To keep the driver in alert, the system always calculates battery life and mileage available before running out of charge.


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The electric truck includes three different driving modes; the first being “Auto” which regulates energy consumption to complete a journey with the available battery charge. The seconds is “agile” mode which provide the Urban eTruck with maximum juice to do things that require a lot of torque like going up hills. Finally, the “Eco” mode which as you guessed, saves as much battery life by reducing torque from the electric motors.


To integrate the driver even more, Mercedes-Benz included their latest development of the firm’s FleetBoard system. A tylematics system that integrages the truck, dispatcher and driver into a single unit with precise planning of deliver routes and flexible scheduling.

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