Mercedes AMG Anfang Concept

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Every little kid in us dreams about some sort of super machine that can do everything besides taking one from A to B, at-least one in every 10 car enthusiasts have this little kid in them. Just reminiscing over your childhood heroes and realizing that your role model was a Countach or a 250-gto per se instead of actual humans is enough to make a case for your passion to the automotive machine.

But dreams are things that belong to another realm, and I’d rather relish in the realities of possibility and while creating and producing your own super car seems to be possible yet so impossible at the same time – taking a step in the right direction never hurts.

Mercedes-Benz Anfang Concept

In order for the Mercedes AMG Anfang to be different, it needed something special in its design terminology that hasn’t been done before, thus i started to create the blueprint based on the Golden Ratio also known as the divine proportion after having narrowed down the official shape of the car from earlier sketches and different preliminary busts. (You can see how perfect harmony and balance is achieved in the profile of the Anfang) and that’s where the name “Anfang” came from; meaning “the beginning” in German. Changes that followed the rule were later implemented for the sake of functionality although they all adhere to the same design principle.

Mercedes ANFANG Design Concept Based on Golden Ratio

The wheight distribution of the Mercedes AMG Anfang is a perfect 50/50 while the engine sits in the middle of the car, the rest of the components are perfectly placed to keep the car poise and beautiful. Taking a closer look at the blue print above, you will realize how the handling of the car will be superior due to the ultra low center of gravity and the perfect natural seating position thanks to the Golden Ratio proportion. As a driver, you will be placed exactly in the center of the car and that adds to the overall experience of handling and feeling like you are part of the machine. As a result of the perfect harmony between the carbon chassis and the body, the Mercedes AMG Anfang can achieve lateral G forces of almost 1.7 G with Aerodynamic assist and an active rear spoiler that stretches the entire width of the car.


The spoiler found on the the Mercedes AMG Anfang is unique, with built-in lightweight motors that enable full individual control over the flaps during cornering to achieve greater speeds and during high-speeds to lower drag, and not surprisingly the Anfang tops out at 450 Km/h or 280 mp/h.

Mercedes AMG Anfang Individual flap and spoiler functions

Individual flap control allows the car to control the flaps on each side of the spoiler depending on the cars speed, velocity, wind pitch and steering position which enables it to also lower the spoiler and move one flap up and the other down during a corner to reduce the weight shift during high speed corner pitch. The spoiler is also easily detachable in-case you prefer the city cruiser look.

The Anfang weighs 1,200 kg’s only with all fluids inside, being powered by a lightweight heavily revised and updated version of Mercedes’s 6.0-liter V12 Biturbo engine that produces a menacing 1,050 hp and 1,050 lb-ft of torque thanks to an array of lightweight upgrades- the car needs no electric assist to propel it from knot to 62 mph in 2.0 seconds while accelerating all the way to 450 km/h. Zero to 200 km/h takes 6.0 seconds and zero to 300 is over with in 14.5 seconds.

Mercedes Benz AMG Anfang (8)

The suspension can be lifted for clearance during city drives that require a smoother more comfortable ride with different settings that can manually or automatically detect road conditions and adjust accordingly.

Mercedes Benz AMG Anfang (10)

The interior of the Anfang is super minimalistic which saves a lot of weight without losing any technical abilities thanks to the new large center console touch display that includes everything you might need from music controls, individual air condition controls and technical suspension, ecu mapping and 360 camera controls. The interior is also smart, with no rear-view mirror – it is able to detect driver eye position and project a view of the rear on the front windshield when the user looks to the direction of where a traditional rear-view mirror is found.

The body is made out of carbon fiber reinforced plastic while the chassis, the monocoque and some interior components are made out of carbon fiber. The Anfang is also able to fully control and adjust the front flaps found underneath the headlight units built with a very complex structure to enable smart air distribution throughout the car for optimum component cooling. The ducts can open and close, move according to the speed, and deploy when stopping power is needed.

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The Anfang does indeed keep Mercedes Benz styling alive with a lot of design ques that make the car distinguishable from any other brand like the signature slim tail lights design, the front end is a sharper version of the current Mercedes design direction and the profile makes it a super car without a question, it’s almost like the 2002 Mercedes Benz CLK GTR AMG Roadster has been resurrected again.

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