Mercedes AMG and Cigarette Racing Partnernership Results in An Amazing Boat

2016 Mercedes-AMG GT S, Cigarette Racing 50 Marauder GT S Concep

Some of you might know Uber boat manufacturer Cigarette Racing which has some history with AMG in the past that resulted in some rather spectacular boats. This partnership took form in the shape of a sleek Mercedes-AMG GT S inspired boat called the 50 Marauder GT.

In the past you may have seen the Vision GT inspired boat, or the SLS AMG Electric Drive and the G63 AMG inspiration. But the thing is, this boat is crazy fast – Seriously, crazy insanely fast. It has a pair of V8 engines that produce 1,550 horsepower which can get the 50-foot boat up to 135mph on water which really makes it the fastest production racing boat on earth.

As for the price? The 50 Marauder GT starts at $1.2 Million but might not have the Mercedes-AMG GT included with the package.

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