Mclaren P1 GTR unveiled in Dubai



What is better than a Mclaren, asked a concerned motorhead. A Mclaren P1 GTR! More power, more Aerodynamics, more Kits, more everything. The Mclaren P1 was designed, engineered and built to be the best driver’s car in the world, and it very well is as close to being that as possible.

The thing here is, You actually need a Mclaren P1 in the first place to be able to own the Mclaren P1 GTR. Aside from that, you may need around 12,000,000 Dirhams or $ 3.1-2m to get one parked in your garage, because you may not drive it on the streets. Yes, a track focused supercar only car.

Invitations will be sent to the lucky owners to attend 12 different racing events across the year on tracks like the Yas Marina and the Bahrain International Circuit.

Anybody with a spare $3.2m littering their bank account but without a McLaren P1 in their garage can only look at these images with deep longing and envy (much like the rest of us). If however you do own McLaren’s eminent 903bhp hypercar and are one of the lucky 30-35 custoemrs to receive a phone call from Woking, you might want to pay attention.

image (1)

What makes this Mclaren P1 GTR so different from the P1 you may ask? How about 986bhp and 1000NM of torque which equates to 737lb ft of torque all released from the same V8 3.8 Litre twin-turbo engine coupled with the electric 197hp engine. And while you may think that the old P1 was perfectly aerodynamic, the Mclaren P1 GTR has more than 10% improved aerodynamic efficiency, the front track for instance has increased by 80mm to help the P1 GTR glide through air. Mclaren Special Operations though the previous P1 had good enough Ceramic Brakes, and hydraulics but they improved the stiffness of the suspension and the ride height as expected from a GTR car. We were surprised that they did not include carbon fiber rims to follow suite with what seems to be the new “Thing”, the P1 GTR will get 19″ lightweight aluminum rims with perrilles super slick tires.

The Mclaren P1 GTR looks phenomenal, but it isn’t a road car, so it was fitted with a Formula 1 inspired Drag Reduction System (DRS) and a push to pass button (ERS) all things inspired by Formula 1, if you are familiar with F1 racing, and to add to that special Formula 1 trend every car manufacturer is going after Mclaren will be giving each driver their own individual seats moulded to their body.

Chances are, neither me nor you will be driving this car in the near future unless you wanted to dump cash on this car for your leisure time.

image (1) image McLaren-P1-GTR-Design-Concept-4-650x433 11 21 McLaren-P1-GTR-Design-Concept-8-620x413

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