Mclaren-Honda MCL32 Shown off in Dynamic Orange and Black Livery

Mclaren-honda MCL32

Revealed in the McLaren technology center in Woking, England – the home of McLaren. The new Mclaren-Honda MCL32 is set to recapture the glory of the 1980’s and 1990’s when Honda and McLaren shared 8 world titles.

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Most thought that McLaren would go for a revised look that is similar to last years, but they did insist on giving the F1 car a brand new start with a fresh look as well.

The brand new livery one the Mclaren-Honda MCL32 consists of a custom orange shade with a pearl sparkle, satin black and white finish on this sides. Apparently McLaren decided to go with this new color based on the fans who were raging for some Orange.

Mclaren-honda MCL32

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According to McLaren Executive director Zac Brown; “We went through a variety of designs, and ultimately it was in response to the fans. We had so much Outrage from the fans; we want Orange, we want some Orange!”

Obviously, the Mclaren-Honda MCL32 adapts the new shark fin on the front wing, the new three fin nose, the revised rear design in addition to the tuned engine and several new solutions to improve overall functions.

When asked if it is one of the sexiest cars he has ever driven, Fernando Alonso says let’s see if it’s sexy “It’s sexy when it’s fast”. The new regulations promise improved mechanical grip and superior speeds. Everyone is excited for the new season as rivalries heat up like never before.

Obviously, McLaren like others aims to get that full season finish in tandem with Fernando Alonso and Stoffel Vandoorne who are excited to better last year’s performance.

Alonso when asked about wanting the win, he commented; “100% committed to winning”, adding: “I want to be world champion.”

Stay tuned for Barcelona!

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