Mazda Teases a New Sports Car for 2015 Tokyo Motor Show

Mazda has teased us with a shot of what seems to be a rotary-powered sports car that should replace the RX-8 and basically be crowned the RX9 throne – in theory. But further investigation should reveal the truth within the coming weeks as to what the Japanese Rotary sports car should be.

Not much is clear from the picture, but you can already see the proportions of the car forming, and they scream long hood short back RX7-ish styling which is of-course a good sign, take a look at the concept we came up for the RX9 a while back (below)

Expect more details during the 2015 Tokyo Motor Show in October 29 during which we will be covering the event in more details. Stay tuned for more shots of the Mazda concept and more.


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