Mazda RX-Vision Concept Looks Like An AMG GT But Better!

mazda-rx-vision-concept-front-three-quarter-03 (1)

you guessed it, the Rotary boys are back with something that can be described as an RX successor to the RX8 although it might not be called the RX9 yet.. But the good news is; it looks so good and partially part of that is because it looks so similar to a Mercedes-AMG GT , a car which we nominated as one of the best cars to come out in 2015 and definetly a car that would go down in history as one of the best.


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But we are here to talk about the new Mazda RX-Vision Concept that was revealed at the 2015 Tokyo Motor Show during which Mazda confirmed that the rotary engine legacy will be continued and will be called the Skyactiv-R. It won’t just be the same engine, it will indeed address past issues like emissions, fuel economy, reliability and performance all of which Mazda has bee working on for a while now.

We did an RX9 concept a while back that looked something like this >

The design language you see here on the Mazda RX-Vision Concept  is the new Kodo “Soul of Motion” design language that Mazda is going to adapt to all its future models and we wholeheartedly approve! Although i did mention that the Mazda RX-Vision Concept is very similar to the AMG GT, it does manage to play the long hood wide stance design that takes us back to the RX-7 that we all love.

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