Major Changes For 2017 F1 Specs


Another set of regulations by the FIA has dawned upon the 2017 F1 specs for the upcoming season which sees some rather major changes to increase performance and reduce lap-times by up to 4 seconds.

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The new 2017 F1 Specs are very good for the teams and the spectators as these positive changes will allow the engineers and the teams to squeeze a bit of extra performance and thus more entertainment for the fans.

For 2017, the F1 cars will now get wider tires on the front and the rear to reduce understeer and offer better grip out of corners and allow coming into corners with higher speeds. The tires on the front now measure 305-mm (from 245-mm) and 405-mm (from 325-mm) at the rear.


Not only are the tires wider, the track of the car stretches to 2,000-mm while the front wing is also wider and the side-pods are 20cm wider to accommodate the changes. The rear wings are now 15-cm lower and 20-cm wider than before to create more down-force.

The rear diffuser also gets a width increase of 5-cm and a height increase of 5-cm as well.

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