“M” for Mother in Law – Can You Resist the New BMW M4 GTS?

BMW M4 GTS Commercial

Mother in laws can be a pain in the bottom, unless you have a BMW M4 GTS that might make their life a little bit more miserable than it already is. That’s if you want to get something as outrageous as the GTS.

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All 830 units have been sold, which may prompt you to ask why thei still choose to advertise the M4 GTS? It’s because BMW wants to draw attention to the rest of their line-up with cars like the standard M4 and other performance M models.

Not too long ago, BMW’s M division was poking lame jokes at Mercedes’s AMG division and are known for their humorous take on commercials as opposed to the more serious approach of Mercedes-Benz.

BMW describes such incidents; At some point between the race track and Sunday lunch, the mother-in-law pops in for a visit. Discover why a BMW M can actually feel TOO LOW along with more videos and entertaining topics at http://BMW-M.com – where TOO MUCH is just right.

You like cars that are TOO POWERFUL? You’re TOO AMBITIOUS about your driving skills and TOO NERDY when it comes to motor talk? Then the all-new http://BMW-M.com is your place to be.

You might have also seen the new M3 commercial that BMW created with similar humor. If not, here you go!

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