LW BMW M2 CSR with the M4 S55 Engine Producing over 590hp


The LW BMW M2 CSR is Lightweight Performance’s masterpiece, it’s super light and it’s stuffed with the M3/M4 S55 engine which produces insane amounts of power but the story get’s a little more interesting – let’s find out.

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Most people know the S55 is capable of a lot more power compared to factory spec especially when you equip it with the right parts. Lightweight Performance, the company responsible for this edition equipped the LW BMW M2 CSR with the 3.0-Liter Inline-six engine and coupled it with a new exhaust system, a better air intake and a water injection system similar to the M4 GTS.

The result is 612-hp and 767NM (566lb-ft) of torque at first but during tests, Lightweight Performance found the power too much to handle on track which prompted them to downgrade to 590-hp and 737NM (544lb-ft) of torque in order to maintain adequate traction through the rear wheels.

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The LW BMW M2 CSR comes with BMW’s DCT gearbox and DSC software as well as a Drexler Limited-slip differential, carbon ceramic brakes and the M4 GTS style instrument cluster which gives drivers the ability to select driving modes.

A bunch of carbon fiber is used all round to reduce the overall weight; the door has been stripped and replaced with a carbon piece, the lower center console has been replaced with a carbon fiber piece as well as the steering wheel block.

The 19-inch custom rims are wrapped in 265/35 Michelin Cup2 tires upfront and a 295/30 on the rear.

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