Little Toyota Hilux Rc’s Pull a Life Size Hilux

Toyota Hilux RC

This is the video you’ve been searching for, a viral sensation by Toyota that is a throwback to the original Toyota Hilux RC commercial. 15 Hilux baby RCs pull the actual thing, how exciting? Right.

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Unlike the original commercial (video in the bottom) which uses 14 RC cars, the new commercial used 15 Tamiya Hilux Bruiser 4×4 RC cars to pull the Hilux Double Cab weighing in at 3210 Kg’s, that’s the equivalent of 214 kg’s per RC car. This means the 80’s Hilux was much lighter than its modern day form.

Theoretically, each Tamiya Bruiser generates 2 kg of pulling force which means a total of 30 kg’s was enough to get the pickup moving from a stand still in neutral. Each Tamiya Bruiser was left unmodified but weighed down by 500 grams to increase traction on the baby wheels.

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