Lexus LS+ Concept Introduces Revised Styling Language

Lexus LS+

Lexus has promised an increase in developing autonomous technology and they also have been very active with the new LS+ Concept that previewed their new design language during the Tokyo Motor Show.

The Lexus LS+ Concept was chosen to preview the next generation LS in terms of styling and overall design philosophy that Lexus is heading towards within the next couple of years.

The frontend is undoubtedly Lexus with the familiar Spindle Grille that integrates Laser headlights and new cooling intakes that have active aerodynamics allowing them to open and close when needed. The traditional side mirrors are gone and replaced with small cameras integrated within the slim side mirror.

The Lexus LS+ introduces some new tech features like ‘Highway Teammate’, a system that promises to provide autonomous driving from a highway entrance ramp through to the exit ramp. Expect to see this feature within 2020, promising safe automated lane changes and merges with safe distance being prioritized.

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