The Lamborghini Trezo Millenni Is Everything You Imagined a Super Sports Car Would Be

The Lamborghini Trezo Millenni Is Everything You Imagined a Super Sports Car Would Be

The Lamborghini Trezo Millenni is the result of the company’s collaboration with Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in order to build something that is able to “rewrite the rules on super sports cars” for the third millennium.

Normal isn’t a word you associate with the Italian Bull’s extravagant cars and when it comes to outrageous concepts – you can bet that Lamborghini’s badge might be present.

As you are probably wondering if this is going to be another electric supercar concept like the rest of today’s forgotten supercar concepts. You’d be wrong, MIT aims to use supercapacitors instead of energy dense batteries, this enables the Lamborghini Trezo Millenni to have lots of peak power, regenerate quickly and maintain limited degradation throughout the supercars lifetime.

The supercapacitor will be supplying power to a unit that powers all four-wheels and a four-motor setup with each motor dedicated to a separate wheel. Lamborghini says this allows the Millenni to produce lots of torque and moving energy by wire in addition to giving designers and aerodynamicists more freedom.

The Lamborghini Trezo Millenni is laying on a forged composite monocoque using the company’s latest technology  that replaces carbon fiber effectively. The whole body should weigh a lot less than traditional supercars thanks to Lamborghini’s expertise in weight saving and carbon fiber body structures.

The body is also said to somehow be able act as an accumulator for energy storage.

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This has to be the most interesting bit – MIT and Lamborghini say they want the Lamborghini Trezo Millenni to be able to heal itself by automatically detecting cracks and damages in the carbon fiber structure. The car then repairs them via micro channels in the bodywork which are filled with ‘healing chemistries’.


That’s not all. No. The Millenni is capable of self driving on the motorway and going full speed on a track. The car then records entry/exit speeds on corners with correct lines and shows the driver a ‘ghost’ car version that he can try to defeat – similar to simulation games. Neat.

“We are inspired by embracing what is impossible today to craft the realities of tomorrow,” Lamborghini boss Stefano Domenicali explains. “Lamborghini must always create the dreams of the next generation.”

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