Lamborghini Diverso SuperVeloce

We previously introduced the Lamborghini Diverso concept and it gained a lot of attention so we decided to upgrade the Italian Hypercar with a SuperVeloce edition painted in Yellow and finished off with gold flakes for that signature SV look we all know and love, almost reminiscent of the first Diablo SV.

Lamborghini Diverso SuperVeloce (1)

What makes a hypercar different from any other car? A hypercar should satisfy every sense and desire – this is the Lamborghini Diverso. I have always wondered what makes supercars or exotics what they are, and the answer to that is pretty simple – They are usually faster, better, make no functional sense and are much more extravagant than your average car.

But what makes a hypercar different? It should be the logical step up from a supercar and we currently have 4 hypercars dominating the market. The Porsche 918, the McLaren P1, the Ferrari LaFerrari and the Koenigsegg Agera R. We can make a case for the rest, but these are the four that played a major role in defining what a hypercar is; in terms of an overall package that works for the street and the track.


This right here ladies and gentlmen is Our own concept of what the next Lamborghini hypercar should be. An insane concept that evokes emotions and tickles the senses, sort of like something you would imagine driving as a kid, a car that would only be imagined in Our childish motor-head dreams. But that could be reality seeing how technology has evolved since the dial-up days or whatever era you grew up in.

This is the Lamborghini Diverso concept – “Diverso” is Italian for different, which is what we wanted to establish with this radical concept which has been called the bat-mobile of the future among many other nicknames.

Diverso Dimensions-01


Since I was designing an Italian car, i decided to draw my attention to the greatest art era ever, the Italian Renaissance era is filled with rich organic shapes, paintings and sculptures that one can incorporate in a car design.

The Lamborghini Diverso was designed with one thing and one purpose only – to provoke emotions. It therefore answers the question that is rarely explained by the current manufacturers of hyper cars. What really makes a hypercar different from any other supercar?

As mentioned earlier, I focused on merging the Italian way of thinking and extravagant exaggeration of details onto my concept. It’s clear that the car is something that provokes emotions of love or hate, making it something you must give an opinion about (good or bad).

The real challenge was incorporating the old Italian renaissance methodology into such a futuristic car.

Function and Form

The front splitters are vital for this Italian bull, channeling air through 3 main ducts incorporated within the cars chassis directly underneath the Diverso to cool off the mechanical & electric components of the Italian thoroughbred, and while not so clear it is apparent that the rear axle benefits from a detachment of the body which saves weight and gives each corner its own independent suspension and electric motor to boost torque adequately.


Diverso Specs

Past and Future

Lamborghini is super car royalty, and there isn’t anything to add to its great history and its roll in shaping the designs of today, it was as simple as “Ferruccio Lamborghini’s” original dream to create the best super car out-there and make it look good too.

Not so long ago, Lamborghini celebrated Ferrucios 50 years of successes by introducing the Lamborghini Egotistsa, which turned out to be one of craziest concepts to come out from a car manufacturer today. Lamborghini does indeed have the Asterion GT which features an electric-petrol motor that produces 907bhp, but that doesn’t look sharp enough for us, hence the Diverso – Lamborghini’s dethroning and utter annihilation of any Hybrid supercar today!

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