Lamborghini Diablo Using Nissan Headlights Mystery Solved

Lamborghini Diablo

So, did the Lamborghini Diablo use Nissan headlights when they switched from popup headlights to integrated units that blended with the body? The answer is quite simple and Rob Dahm, one of the most known Lamborghini Diablo owners on Youtube decided to solve this mystery once and for all!

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The facelifted Lamborghini Diablo in 1999 received a Nissan 300ZX headlight unit and managed to integrate it into the design of the Diablo, because their original unit couldn’t get DOT approval.

So the company licensed the 300ZX headlights from Nissan and probably saved a lot of money in the process. The facelift was the last one before the Murcielago came on the scene as planned, which gave Lamborghini some leaway.

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Does it mean that the Diablo is any less of a Lamborghini because it used 300ZX headlights? Absolutely not, car manufacturers do that all the time. Even now.

Lamborghini Diablo comparison

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