Lamborghini Carbon Fiber Speakers Cost More Than A Mustang

Lamborghini Carbon Fiber Speakers 1

Yes, these are the Lamborghini carbon fiber speakers everyone has been talking about. And yes, they do cost more than an Eco-boost Mustang and probably the car you are driving right now.

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You might be able to buy normal speakers for human consumption at a price of just $150 or even more if you are feeling a little riotous. But that price doesn’t even come close to a Lamborghini carbon fiber speakers price tag.

Before we tell you how much you need to shed on these bad-boys, let’s see what makes them so special. Lamborghini teamed up with iXOOST in order to create a unique speaker that looks like the Lamborghini Aventador’s rear end with actual parts from the Italian supercar and they named it the Esavox.

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Lamborghini Carbon Fiber Speakers 3

Funny enough, Lamborghini says they used a real carbon fiber monocoque chassis coupled with a real exhaust system from the Aventaor and shock absorbers for the fancy ceramic speakers.

You also get analogue input, 4.0 Bluetooth and ADC/DAC output. This delivers 800 watts of power and crispy clear sound with the 6.1 virtual surround system. Porsche’s $3,000 speakers seem so mundane compared to this ultra high end offering by Lamborghini.


Now for the bombshell; these handmade Lamborghini carbon fiber speakers cost a staggering $24,000 – enough to buy a brand new base mustang, a fully optioned Camry or anything you can imagine on the used car market.

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