Lamborghini And Bentley Skip 2016 Paris Auto Show Due To Dieselgate

2016 Paris Motor Show

The 2016 Paris Motor Show is on its way next week and both Lamborghini and Bentley are skipping the show due to the recent Dieselgate scandal. This was a move created by the Volkswagen Group to cut costs after loosing so much money from the carnage the resulted after the scandal.

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The concise statement released by Lamborghini revealed their strategy on attending fewer future auto shows and focusing on smaller events that target direct buyers, this was shared by Bentley as well – reports Reuters.

In a statement during a German staff meeting last week, Volkswagen AG chief executive Matthias Muller said; “A crisis can lead to marginalization, but it can also mark the turning point for something better, for a real change of tack. We need to rejig the group.”

Bentley and Lamborghini aren’t the only ones who wont be attending the 2016 Paris Auto Show. They will be joined by various other manufacturers like Rolls-Royce, Ford, Aston Martin and Volvo who also prefer to target their consumers directly through social media and blogs. A new method most car manufacturers have been adapting to cut costs.

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This doesn’t mean the 2016 Paris Auto Show might be a flop. With cars like the LaFerrari Aperta, AMG GT C, Citroen Cxperience concept and Audi S5 and A5 among many others like the new Honda Civic Hatchback and the Hyundai i30 and i10 cars. It will be interesting that’s for sure, fingers crossed we get to see the new Toyota Supra in close-to production form.

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