Kahn Design 6×6 Huntsman Defender Pickup

kahn-design-flying-huntsman-110-wb-6x6-double-cab-pickup-concept_100529032_l (1)

4 wheels are always better than 2 wheels and six wheels always get the job done. Kahn design isn’t taking lightly to Mercedes’s new G63 6×6 six-legged monster and they decided to do something about it in a very unconventional matter; introducing the Kahn Design 6×6 Huntsman Defender Pickup.

Although it isn’t as crisp as the German offering, it does indeed look like it. Kahn Design is a British tuner firm that ussually deals with Range Rovers and British manufactured automobiles, givving them a bit of Pizazz and added luxury. The Kahn Design 6×6 Huntsman Defender Pickup started life as a concept and now has been confirmed for production being the latest addition to the increasing family of the coachbuilt Land Rover Defenders.

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The official name givven to this 6×6 monster is; the Flying Huntsman 110 WB 6×6 Double Cab Pickup meaning that this is basically a 6-wheeled version of the Flying Huntsman 110 WB 6×6 SUV which got rid of the third-row seats in favor of a tray. To make things interesting, this rather interesting car starts at £99,875 (approximately $152,100) before taxes which means it costs less than a third of the price of the Mercedes-AMG G63 6×6 and much less than the SUV version. (Render me confused)

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Kahn provides a six-speed manual transmission as standard and also offers a six-speed and four-speed automatic transmission for buyers to choose from. Also interesting is the possibility of purchasing the vehicle in either left-hand drive or right-hand drive packaged with the standard 2.2-liter diesel engine and other powerful options like the LS3 V-8  engine with up to 500 horsepower.



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