Jaguar I-Pace RS, A Performance Electric SUV?

Jaguar I-Pace RS

Should Tesla be worried of a possible Jaguar I-Pace RS performance version of the current I-Pace? With the all new Jaguar I-Pace crossover SUV sporting an all-electric powertrain and a very attractive body, Tesla might need to re-work their formula.

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The Jaguar I-Pace is powered by two electric motors placed at each axle – good for 400-hp and 700-NM of torque of total combined output. But what would a performance version like the Jaguar I-Pace RS get? Most of you already know that Tesla has some of the fastest electric cars on earth, capable of out accelerating super cars on the quarter-mile.

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X-Tomi Design gives us a render of the Jaguar I-Pace RS dressed in usual RS body work from current Jaguar performance models like the F-Type R.

Although such model might exist, it certainly isn’t going to be in the market any time soon. Besides getting their first all-electric car sold on the market, Jaguar needs to make sure their product works in the first place. Never say never though.

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