Jaguar F-Pace Sets World Record in Style At Dubai Burj Khalifa

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Jaguar Middle East & North Africa have been teasing us with the Jaguar F-Pace for a while now and yesterday night they set the worlds longest record for an LED show displayed at the world’s tallest tower “Burj Khalifa” in Dubai.

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The Middle East is considered one of the most lucrative markets for sports and performance luxury SUV’s so it seemed right that Jaguar target this market for it’s first ever SUV with the addition of targeting China and the United States. A 4 cylinder 180PS Turbocharged Diesel* Ingenium engine, which can achieve 5.3l/km and CO2 emissions as low as 139g/km is expected to be released in European and American markets only.

Jaguar F-Pace Rolls Out in Style At Dubai Burj Khalifa -1 (2)

The Jaguar F-Pace features two engine choices with the 3.0-litre version from the Jaguar F-Type V6 and a 2.0-litre version expected later on down the road. A standard Jaguar F-Pace 3.0-litre V6 produces 335 hp and costs about Aed 233,000 while a more powerful version is available with 380 hp and expected to run you about Aed 290,00. Both versions feature the smooth 8 speed ZF automatic transmission and the light aluminum chassis Jaguar have been raging about for a while now.

I’m a bit disappointed that we didn’t get to see the V8 engine from the F-Type although you could see it run in full glory with the 2017 Land Rover Range Rover SVR   and boy does it sound good.

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On another note, Jaguar/Land Rover seem to have the best Blue paint job I have ever seen in my life, it’s just about the right tone and with enough deep richness,subtle shine and flakiness.


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