Insane Self Driving, Shape Shifting BMW Vision Next 100 Concept

BMW Vision Next 100 Concept giff

BMW aren’t new to the concept scene whatsoever, and they are differently not new to the shape shifting concepts since they were the first car manufacturer to preview a skin body on a concept with their BMW Gina concept; it could close its headlights, shift things inside the car without any visible mechanical parts and move parts within the body without detaching from the original skin.

The new BMW Vision Next 100 Concept is something else though, carrying the infamous kidney grilles is probably the only similarity between it and any other BMW out there. The gold painted crosshatched red triangle mixture looked like nothing we have seen before, purely intelligent and creative shape shifting that works with the steering column, gull-wing doors and a super wide stance are just some of the basics for this BMW Vision Next 100 Concept.

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The BMW Vision Next 100 Concept has two driving modes, self driving and automatic-drive modes since BMW executives seem to think the future is going to be self driving cars only. Chairman of the board of management at BMW AG. was quoted saying that the “Future mobility will connect every area of people’s lives, That’s where we see new opportunities for premium mobility.”  In other words, he is talking about the ability to integrate every smart device with your car, your house and everything in between.

Not surprisingly, BMW made The BMW Vision Next 100 Concept a 4 door car that can seat four adults although everything is a guessing game for now – BMW is working to stay in the loop, since Mercedes unveiled a similar concept not too long ago, and Porsche is leading the electric race with the Mission-E concept which has been green-lit for production and is also being used for future bentley SUV’s. 

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The BMW Vision Next 100 Concept is not all games and does future some technologies you will experience in the near future; With a boost mode that allows the driver to see optimal driving lines on the windshield, an “Ease” mode that lets you relax while retracting the steering wheel, adjusts the seating position and clouds the windshield for you to use as an entertainment screen.

All of these technologies seem very cool but very concerning at the same time.. As a gear-head myself, I feel that we are on the verge of being extinct, with all these self-driving technologies and electric concepts it looks like we are already being prepared for a driver-less future way ahead of the scheduled time. For now though, enjoy the petrol engine while it’s still relevant.

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