Infiniti Project Black S, a Q60 Coupe with F1 Tech

Infiniti Project Black S

The Infiniti Project Black S is the carmaker’s idea of a standard Q60 Coupe with around 500-hp on board, and Geneva is where it’s going to be making an appearance.

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Apparently, Infiniti plans on using F1-tech from their partnership with Renault F1 and implement some of it on the Infiniti Project Black S. The car is still without an engine though, and to say it’s ready for production is far from true.

The Infiniti Project Black S is intended to rival cars like the BMW M4, the Lexus LC-RF and the C63 S coupe. It plans on doing so using a newer version of the current 3.0-liter twin-turbo engine that already produces 400-hp in the Q60 Red S.

The Black S was designed in Infiniti’s London studio. The studio worked on getting the car through the CFD software to ensure those aggressive lines aren’t just for looks, but add to performance and aerodynamic efficiency.

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Infiniti Project Black S rear

Take a closer look and you would notice the huge air vents that replace the standard once – these help feed larger amounts of air and distribute them to the engine, brakes and radiator.

The track is also wider helping cover those 21 inch rims. At the back, you would also notice a massive complex carbon fiber moulding with ‘trip edges’ to help evacuate air passing through the diffuser, it also houses two massive exhaust outlets to your liking.

Infiniti still hasn’t decided what they are going to do with the engine. On one hand, they could take advantage of the F1’s motor-generator unit – kinetic (MGU-K) which basically uses a hybrid structure to harvest energy from the driveshaft while the car slows down.

Or they could take advantage of a never-used before “on road cars” technology which charges up from the spinning turbo during off-throttle, and also when the turbo spins up during full throttle for low-lag power.

Infiniti Project Black S wing

It’s still not known what direction Infiniti might take, but be sure to be on the lookout during the 2017 Geneva Motor show. Regardless, do you think the Infiniti Project Black S could be a proper contender to the current performance coupe segment?

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