Huge Formula 3 Crash Hospitalizes Drivers

Formula 3 crash in motion

Boy I haven’t seen such a violent crash in a while, but yesterday at the 2016 FIA Formula 3 European Championship race at Speilberg one of the worst crashes to ever happen in Formula 3 racing happened when a simple slide off the track caused enough dust to block the vision of the other drivers that eventually hit the stand still car causing the race to end and sending two of the drivers to the hospital.


Seven minutes into the race at the Red Bull Ring in Austria, Driver Ryan Tveter slid off track onto the gravel trap that caused a huge cloud of dust meant for slowing cars down which ended up in driver Peter Li Zhi Cong emerging from that cloud and straight into Ryan’s idle car sending him several feet through the air while Pedra Piquet emerged to hit the idle car again.

Fox Sports commented that Li was unconscious after the incident but woke up later on with several broken bones in his heel that require surgery and four fractured vertebrae as well.

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